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DEFRA Consultation: Saving Energy Through Better Products and Appliances

ACE have submitted a written response to the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs consultation: “Saving Energy Through Better Products and Appliances ”

ACE welcomes the government’s decision to implement product policies in which will contribute to CO2 reduction. We believe that reducing the energy use of household appliances, especially those affecting heating and lighting, will have a significant part to play in meeting carbon reduction targets in the UK.

While we take no issue with the government’s calculations of predicted energy and cost savings that could be achieved through the policies outlined, we express concern that without stringent measures to ensure compliance, these savings will never be realised.

This consultation is a step in the right direction; however if the government is serious about reducing domestic and non-domestic energy use through appliances, then we would expect to see more research undertaken into which further measures can be implemented and how they can be efficiently enforced.

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