Energy Bill Amendment Briefing

Written by Jenny Holland on . Posted in Campaigns

The Government’s Energy Bill is currently being scrutinised in Committee.  The draft Bill was heavily criticised for containing no provisions for reducing electricity demand.  Since then we have welcomed the publication of a DECC consultation on policy options to encourage permanent reductions in electricity use.  However, we are also pushing for the Energy Bill to be amended to require the Government to establish a scheme to incentivise electricity demand reduction within a year of the passing of the Act.

Download ACE’s briefing to committee members MPs on our amendment on electricity efficiency incentives using the link below:

ACE Committee Stage Briefing-Electricity Efficiency Incentives [842 kB]


ACE's Seven Energy Efficiency Asks for the 2015-2020 Parliament
  1. A new Energy White Paper (#energywhitepaper)newlogo (large)
  2. Buildings energy efficiency as infrastructure investment (#infrastructureinvestment)
  3. The public sector must take a leadership role (#leadbyexample)
  4. Zero Carbon standard for new homes and commercial buildings (#zerocarbon)
  5. Minimum energy efficiency standards for existing buildings (#minimumstandards)
  6. Incentives for energy efficiency retrofits (#retrofitincentives)
  7. Improving access to finance for energy efficiency measures (#accesstofinance)

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