ACE statement in response to today’s fuel poverty announcement

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Responding to DECC’s announcement of a new fuel poverty definition for England and a new framework for future action on fuel poverty, ACE’s Head of Parliamentary Team Jenny Holland said:

“The Fuel Poverty Strategy produced pursuant to the WHECA 2000 placed a duty on the Government to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016. It has been apparent for many years that successive Governments have failed to do enough to be credibly on track to meet this target. In addition, by today adopting a relative definition of fuel poverty, it becomes impossible for them to meet the target as currently expressed.

“It has been our long-held view that fuel poverty-proofing our inefficient housing stock is the only permanent solution to the scourge of fuel poverty. We therefore welcome as a step in the right direction the Government’s stated intention to adopt a new target to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of the fuel poor. We shall be urging the Government to adopt a credible, adequately resourced and ambitious target – both in terms of the level of energy efficiency improvement and the number of homes to be improved.”

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  • graham farrall


    It is in our own hands , the problem can be solved immediately as we have the ENERGY SAVING products available now at 70% to 80% less per sq. mtr. than conventional insulation methods, and that includes labour , materials and plant , so what is the problem , too much red tape could be the reason ? The green deal loan of £10,000 will be virtually totally consumed ,using conventional insulation, thus leaving nothing left for the other neccessary items such as windows , new boiler etc , so why not follow other countries examples and use , an effective product at a very competitive price , and make some positive inroads into the FUEL POVERTY problem


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