About ACE Research

ACE Research is an independently funded and internationally respected research unit which has consistently delivered ground-breaking policy research. Its work ensures that ACE’s campaigns and advocacy are always founded on, and guided by, the best available evidence and insight.

ACE Research has a strong reputation for high quality work in the areas of policy research and evaluation, specifically in respect to frameworks for implementing energy policy in buildings, barriers to and opportunities for effective implementation and the roles of different stakeholders therein. The team has demonstrable skills in stakeholder engagement; primary and secondary data gathering and analysis; building stock energy modelling; identification of lessons learned and best practice. The team’s work is characterised by its ability to synthesise material across technical, non-technical and other policy interest areas to recommend and enable systemic understanding of, and solutions to, complex challenges.

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ACE's Seven Energy Efficiency Asks for the 2015-2020 Parliament
  1. A new Energy White Paper (#energywhitepaper)newlogo (large)
  2. Buildings energy efficiency as infrastructure investment (#infrastructureinvestment)
  3. The public sector must take a leadership role (#leadbyexample)
  4. Zero Carbon standard for new homes and commercial buildings (#zerocarbon)
  5. Minimum energy efficiency standards for existing buildings (#minimumstandards)
  6. Incentives for energy efficiency retrofits (#retrofitincentives)
  7. Improving access to finance for energy efficiency measures (#accesstofinance)

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