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A leadership role for the public sector

Public sector organisations, at the national and at the local level, are significant owners, lessees and occupiers of non-domestic buildings, and can therefore drive the market for energy efficiency in existing non-domestic buildings. Therefore the public sector should demand, and invest in, high levels of energy efficiency in its buildings and should clearly display the energy performance of its buildings to demonstrate to others the progress being made.

Public Sector Leadership latest

  • Energy efficiency policy for workplaces: quick wins for the next Government? By Joanne Wade

    We all know that there is no single ‘magic policy bullet’ that will support the growth of a self-sustaining market for energy efficiency investments, and that a jigsaw of policy pieces is needed to build the necessary framework. This is the first in a series of blogs looking at ACE’s new policy tracker, and it considers commercial buildings. It asks, are all the jigsaw pieces in place? What more can we do easily? And what is going to be a little more difficult?

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