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Zero carbon new build

The pause in the trajectory towards zero carbon new build must not remain in force for any significant period. Not only would this mean lock-in of unnecessary energy use and emissions as Government attempts to accelerate new construction, but also we need to comply with EU Nearly Zero Energy Buildings requirements that will come into force for new public buildings in 2019 and for all other new buildings from 2021. A new trajectory is urgently needed to re-engage the supply chain in innovating to cost-effectively deliver highly efficient new buildings.

Zero Carbon New Build latest

  • New PM must stick to key EU climate change targets for 2020 By Pedro Guertler

    Irrespective of Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet must commit to critical EU targets for the year 2020 on cutting carbon emissions and transforming the UK’s energy infrastructure.

    This is the call made today (Friday) by 30 environmental and energy-related organisations in a letter to Greg Clark, the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Signatories leading business associations covering the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, two of the UK’s biggest green NGOs and Energy UK, the body representing the major energy suppliers.

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