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Garry Felgate – Operations & Business Development

Garry runs operations and business development for ACE.  Garry is a highly respected figure with extensive experience in the energy, energy efficiency and low carbon sectors.

He was a Director of the Carbon Trust where he led the Action Energy and Carbon Management programmes focusing on energy efficiency solutions and he was Chief Executive of the Energy Retail Association, which represented the big six energy supply companies in Britain where he participated in the development work of the supplier obligation for smart meters, the development of the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.

Garry is a building engineer by background with his PhD being passive heating for homes. Garry is a Fellow of the Energy Institute and the RSA.

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New fuel poverty strategy for England doesn’t really cut it

The Government has today published its new fuel poverty strategy for England. While welcoming the intention to bring the homes of the fuel poor up to a high energy efficiency standard, we believe the target date of 2030 is far too long to wait. We also believe that all low income households – not just those that are fuel poor today – should be improved.

It is cost-effective and practicable to improve the homes of all 6 million low income households to a C energy rating by 2025 – with 2m improved to this level by 2020. If we just focus on fuel poor households, other low income households will simply drop into fuel poverty if their circumstances change negatively or fuel prices rise.

Finally, we are worried about the caveat that households will only be improved ‘as far as reasonably practicable’. This should be removed or at the very least tightly defined to ensure that it cannot be used by future Governments as an excuse for failing to implement the strategy. While there may occasionally be circumstances in which reaching the target is impossible or prohibitively expensive, a blanket caveat is simply a recipe for delay and inaction.

We raised all of these concerns when the Government published and consulted on its draft strategy last year. We are disappointed that our concerns, shared by countless others in the NGO and academic communities, have been ignored.

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