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Jack Carrington – Senior Researcher

Jack joined ACE in 2009 as a research assistant following a two month internship. He is responsible for ACE’s Energy Advice Tool services and the Housing Stock Optimisation Tool (HSOT) which ACE Research use in much of their analysis of the UK housing stock and energy efficiency policies. After graduating from Oxford University in 2005 with a BA in Physics he worked in the Actuarial profession, but at the start of 2009 decided to change career and became involved in the Sustainable Communities Act Campaign at Unlock Democracy. He has a keen interest in financial modeling developed from his work in the actuarial profession valuing pension schemes and has applied these methods to the realm of energy efficiency.

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Home Energy Advice Tool

Energy Saving Trust Home Energy Check

Our partners, the Energy Saving Trust asked us to work with them to create a new Home Energy Check tool. Their previous tool had a high drop-out rate due to the number of questions that had to be answered, a key requirement was to provide results for those that wanted results quickly.

Energy Saving Trust is a social enterprise that offers impartial advice to communities and households on how to reduce carbon emissions, use water more sustainably and save money on energy bills. Their Home Energy Check helps people to find out the overall energy efficiency of their home, and the carbon emissions they produce.  They can then see what improvements they can make – to use less energy, save on carbon emissions, improve their Energy Performance Certificate rating, and save money. They take away a full report with all the details of their home’s energy use and the savings they could make.

Try the Home Energy Check here.

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Energy Advice Tool

John Lewis – Bristol area trial

John Lewis is currently running a trial in the Bristol area offering an Energy Efficiency advice service, home assessment and installation of a selected range of improvements. We developed a set of tools to help them take customers from initial engagement to a point where they are able to make a decision and install improvements.  A customer facing ‘energy efficiency calculator’ tool is available on their website and in store at a touch screen terminal. It allows users to explore their options for improved energy efficiency in their own time and see the products that John Lewis are able to offer, when ready they can request a home visit from a John Lewis assessor. Further to this a more detailed assessor tool is used as part of a home visit to generate a more detailed report and to aid the assessor in discussing the options that might be suitable for the household.

See the customer tool here.

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Energy Advice Tool,Smart Metering

Smart Metering Advice Project

The Energy Saving Trust Scotland commissioned us to design a tool for their Smart Metering Advice Portal. This tool combined our Dynamic Engine’s capabilities with real energy use data to provide relevant advice at key times and saving figures matched to the households exact energy usage.

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Energy Advice Tool,Green Deal

solent green deal

Solent Green Deal Wizard

A group of local authorities in Hampshire commissioned us to produce a “Green Deal Wizard” to encourage residents to take advantage of their new Green Deal services, this tool includes information about paying for energy efficiency improvements through the Green Deal and other finance mechanisms.

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Carbon Price Floor,energy intensive industries,EU:ETS

BIS: Consultation on energy intensive industries in the UK

ACE has submitted a written response to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills consultation on Energy intensive industries in the UK- maintaining international competitiveness.

In November 2011 the Chancellor announced that the government would implement measures to reduce the impact of policy on the costs of electricity for the most electricity-intensive industries, beginning in 2013 and worth around £250 million over the Spending Review period.

As part of this the government committed to compensate some electricity-intensive businesses to help offset the indirect cost of the Carbon Price Floor and the EU Emissions Trading System.

Government published a proposal setting out the eligibility and design of the scheme, and this consultation covers these proposals.

Read ACE’s response to the consultation here.

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Home Energy Advice Tool,Off grid

Calor Home Energy Check

Calor wanted to provide their rural customers with an online energy efficiency tool which was bespoke to rural housing types, fuels, and took into account rural specific considerations. The tool forms part of Calor’s Corporate Social Responsibility activity, helping their customers understand and manage their energy consumption more effectively.

In addition the tool acts as a showcase for Calor products, providing information about Calor LPG boiler systems.

See the tool on the Calor website, here.

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Fuel Poverty,Warmer Houses Healthier Homes

Warmer Healthy Homes

Developing a website and forum for Housing, Health and Fuel Poverty

(website for UKPHA’s housing, health and fuel poverty forum.)

ACE has been working with the UK Public Health Association to develop a website for their housing, health and fuel poverty forum. www.warmerhealthyhomes.org.uk

The Forum seeks to assist cross-sector working to tackle cold homes by providing a forum for professionals – in the health, housing and energy sectors – to discuss and exchange their experiences of efforts to help people who are at risk from cold, damp homes. The new site aims to facilitate this, by encouraging affordable warmth schemes to tell it like it is, and as it happens – with the objective of bringing and keeping best practice up to date and accessible.

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