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What our Members say:

  • ACE provides us with the opportunity to discuss current and future trends regarding energy efficiency in the UK and to participate in the proactive efforts to influence regulations and future polices on energy conservation / efficiency in the UK. We benefit from ACE’s strong links to Parliament and the key players responsible for energy issues in the individual political parties and from kept informed and up to date with latest Government policies.

  • SIG is a long-standing member of the ACE Governing Council. ACE has fostered strong links with the political establishment and built a reputation as a well-respected advocate for its sector. SIG welcomes the balanced industry viewpoint ACE brings to the on-going debate around energy efficiency, carbon reduction and fuel poverty, and has taken part in and supported many ACE initiatives calling for 'demand side' energy conservation to be prioritised by the Government.

  • ACE are the most successful lobbying body we’ve ever come across. One of their core strengths is they are outcomes focussed and are prepared to use whatever tactics and partnerships required to achieve their aims. ACE have managed to combine a ruthless determination to secure change with an ability to remain highly respected by the politicians and civil servants they challenge. This is no easy feat and is achieved through the professionalism of ACE’s staff and by making excellent use of evidence produced by their in-house research time. InstaGroup have found membership of ACE extremely valuable to our business over many years and, regardless of the challenging commercial environment, we renew our membership without hesitation year after year.


  • The team at ACE are better able than anyone else to express the value of energy efficiency. Their in-house research and advocacy skills give the sector a powerful voice with politicians, policy-makers and other stakeholders, delivering unique insight. As leading manufacturers of high quality heating and hot water solutions, we fully understand the benefits that investment in energy efficiency delivers for all stakeholders in all sectors. Membership of ACE enables us to work with others across the energy efficiency industry to call for a policy framework that recognises these benefits and supports the market to deliver them.

Membership of ACE is limited to twenty-four UK based companies which have substantial interest in energy conservation equipment and services. Current members include controls manufacturers, energy service companies and manufacturers and distributors of insulation materials, listed below.

Carillion Ciga Logo color dow
Energy Services Company Insulation guarantors Insulation manufacturer Manufacturers of extruded polysterene insulation products
Carillion Energy Services (CES) is one of the UK’s largest independent energy services providers and a major installer of renewable technologies.  Through its activities across a range of markets, including social housing, commercial and non domestic property, and private housing, CES is focused on helping customers reduce their energy costs and make carbon savings.CES is part of Carillion Plc, which has more than 50,000 employees operating in support services, Public Private Partnership projects, and offering construction capabilities in the UK, Canada and the Middle East.www.carillionenergy.com CIGA is an independent agency with its own secretariat that provides independent 25 year Guarantee covering cavity wall insulation. It is governed by a council of “System Designers” (who supply the insulation material) and registered installers, with support from trade associations and Government bodies.www.ciga.co.uk Celotex is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high performance PIR thermal insulation boards. As such, when you choose Celotex insulation, you are accessing an unrivalled product and service package that has evolved through a process of constant innovation spanning eight decades.The evolution continues with intensive product development to ensure that our product range provides thermal insulation solutions that meet the requirements of current legislation as well as thedemands of building professionals, specifiers and users. All of the company’s products are manufactured at its plant and HQ in Suffolk.www.celotex.co.uk Dow is a diversified chemical company that harnesses the power of science and technology to improve living daily. The Company offers a broad range of innovative products and services to customers in more than 175 countries, helping them to provide everything from pharmaceuticals to paints, packaging and personal care products.www.dow.com
 Vaillant Group Logo honeywell instagroup kingspan
 Energy-saving solutions for heating, cooling and hot water Suppliers of domestic heating and combustion controls Insulation manufacturers Insulation manufacturers
 The Vaillant Group is established and active with production and research and development sites in over 20 countries worldwide. As the UK’s number 1 heating manufacturing group, Vaillant Group’s UK operations include the market leading brands Vaillant, Glow-worm and Heatline.The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with more than 135 years experience in the heating and hot water technologies industry. As one of the world’s market and technology leaders, the company develops and produces tailor-made products, systems and services for heating, cooling and hot water, and is the one of the largest European manufacturers within the sector.www.vaillant.co.ukwww.glow-worm.co.ukwww.heatline.co.uk Honeywell are the leading suppliers of domestic heating and combustion controls in the UK with products that include time, temperature, gas and water controls, designed to provide the homeowner with the best in comfort, energy and health solutions.www.honeywelluk.com InstaGroup was founded in 1980 in response to an increasing public awareness of the need to conserve heat and energy, both to protect the environment and reduce consumption of the world’s resources.www.instagroup.co.uk Kingspan Insulation specialise in the solution of insulation problems and offer the widest range of insulants available from any UK or Irish manufacturer. Kingspan Insulation is a member company of the Kingspan Group plc, one of Europe’s fastest growing building product groups.www.insulation.kingspan.com


WORCESTER_LOGO Plumb Center Logo  WITH shadow RGB Print
Manufacturers of mineral wool insulation products  Manufacturers of heating and hot water systems  Suppliers of plumbing and heating products Manufacturers of mineral wool thermal and acoustic insulation for domestic and industrial buildings
Knauf Insulation is UK’s leading insulation company. It represents one of the most respected and progressive names in European building products. Knauf Insulation is the only UK manufacturer of glass mineral wool, rock mineral wool and extruded polystyrene insulation products, giving an unrivalled range for building, H&V, process and appliance insulation, as well as fabrication applications.www.knaufinsulation.co.uk Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. is the UK operation of the Bosch group’s heating and hot water division, manufacturing condensing boilers as well as solar water heaters and ground source heat pumps. Part of the Bosch Group, our products are designed, manufactured, sold and distributed with the quality and reliability that is synonymous with the Bosch name.www.bbt-uk.co.uk With over 490 branches nationwide, Plumb Center is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plumbing and heating products including central heating systems, bathrooms, showers, drainage and renewable technologies. It has developed training centres in Leamington Spa and Sevenoaks where around 13 renewable products courses are on offer, and has 38 commercial Centers of Excellence located in carefully selected branches across the UK.www.plumbcenter.co.uk Superglass Insulation Ltd., which has 211 employees, began operations at its Stirling site in 1987 and quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of insulation products. Superglass offer a comprehensive range of products, which are certified for use throughout Europe. They are manufactured from glass fibre mineral wool and are designed to provide high quality thermal and acoustic insulation.www.superglass.co.uk
rockwool Isover - endorsed logo SIG Insulation
Manufacturers of mineral wool insulation products Insulation manufacturers Distributors of insulation, roofing and commerical interior products
Rockwool Ltd, based near Bridgend, South Wales is the UK’s leading manufacturer of mineral wool insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic protection. Only Rockwool is authentic and wholly natural, recreated from natural processes that exist only in nature.www.rockwool.co.uk As the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator in mineral wool insulation, ISOVER aims to create safe, efficient and environmentally positive thermal, acoustic and fire safe solutions for customers and end users.For over 40 years, ISOVER has pioneered and perfected the technologies that have set new standards in the building industry.www.isover.co.uk Sheffield Insulations has 50 years experience in insulation distribution. As part of the SIG plc Group, we supply materials for thermal and acoustic, dry lining, fire protection and house building.We offer more than 50,000 brand name products from leading manufacturers with rapid responses to customers enquiries via our 20+ branch network.www.sheffins.co.uk


ACE's Seven Energy Efficiency Asks for the 2015-2020 Parliament
  1. A new Energy White Paper (#energywhitepaper)newlogo (large)
  2. Buildings energy efficiency as infrastructure investment (#infrastructureinvestment)
  3. The public sector must take a leadership role (#leadbyexample)
  4. Zero Carbon standard for new homes and commercial buildings (#zerocarbon)
  5. Minimum energy efficiency standards for existing buildings (#minimumstandards)
  6. Incentives for energy efficiency retrofits (#retrofitincentives)
  7. Improving access to finance for energy efficiency measures (#accesstofinance)

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