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Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive calculator

ACE Research, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust and Solstice Associates developed a Renewable Heat Incentive calculator for DECC and the Scottish Government. The tool was designed to provide a reliable estimate of the domestic RHI payments for biomass systems, ground and air source heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

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DECC: Consultations on the Renewable Heat Incentive

ACE has submitted written responses to two Department for Energy and Climate Change consultations on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The consultation on proposals for a domestic scheme sets out DECC’s proposals for longer term support to householders who install renewable heating kit such as biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal into homes. The RHI for householders is aimed at any householder looking to replace their current heating with renewable heating kit or householders who have installed any such technology since 15 July 2009. It is intended that householders will get paid for each kWh of heat they would be expected produce under the current proposals.

The consultation on Renewable Heat Incentive: expanding the non-domestic scheme sets out DECC’s broad proposals to expand the existing scheme.

Read ACE’s consultation responses here:

Domestic RHI: ACE consultation response

Non-Domestic RHI: ACE consultation response

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Twelve months to turn round the Renewable Heat Incentive

ImageHowever well-intentioned the RHI may be it overlooks one crucial element – there is no incentive to turn off the heat or make sure heat is not escaping through leaky, old windows

Next April, the new Renewable Heat Incentive begins. As currently proposed, it will expand twelve-fold during the decade the amount of heat generated from renewable sources. But as currently proposed, it will simultaneously also cause untold damage to the drive to the policy to improve the overall efficiency of our building stock.

The scheme will guarantee payments for up to 23 years for those who install technologies such as ground or air-source heat pumps, biomass boilers, or bio-methane or bio-diesel projects.

The sums involved are huge. According to the published cost-benefit analysis, the cumulative gross resource costs of all these payments. It is hoped that the scheme will help deliver 17m tonnes of carbon dioxide savings by 2020, though 2m of these are already accounted for by the European emissions trading scheme. Around 85 per cent of the 73 terawatt hours of savings anticipated will be from non-residential buildings. Conversely of the 1.87m installations, some 1.72m – or 1 in 14 -households will participate; just 144,000 installations will be made in the commercial and public sector.may reach £26.7bn. Officials are quoting publicly even higher figures,of £36bn.

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