Energy Bill Revolution

A new campaign to help households reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer has been launched by ACE and others.

The Energy Bill Revolution Campaign calls on Government to invest the money it receives from carbon taxes into improving the energy efficiency of our homes.

From 2013 Government will receive a huge increase in revenue fom two key carbon taxes – the sale of allowances in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the new Carbon Floor Price. Research commissioned by the Campaign has calculated these revenues will be on average £4bn a year.ncy of our homes.

If invested in energy efficiency in the housing stock, this money could remove 9 out of 10 households from fuel poverty, it could produce four times the carbon savings achieved by Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation together and could create between 30,000 and 50,000 direct jobs and up to 200,000 indirect jobs in the wider economy.

Please join the coalition and support the campaign by signing our petition today.


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    ACE's Seven Energy Efficiency Asks for the 2015-2020 Parliament
    1. A new Energy White Paper (#energywhitepaper)newlogo (large)
    2. Buildings energy efficiency as infrastructure investment (#infrastructureinvestment)
    3. The public sector must take a leadership role (#leadbyexample)
    4. Zero Carbon standard for new homes and commercial buildings (#zerocarbon)
    5. Minimum energy efficiency standards for existing buildings (#minimumstandards)
    6. Incentives for energy efficiency retrofits (#retrofitincentives)
    7. Improving access to finance for energy efficiency measures (#accesstofinance)

    Read about our seven asks in full; follow us on Twitter; and subscribe to our occasional email updates on progress below.