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Health and Energy Efficiency

Health and Energy Efficiency: Working in Partnership for Healthy Homes

(funded by EAGA Charitable Trust, Transco, UNISON, The Local Government Association and the Energy Saving Trust.)
This project produced a report detailing some experience to date of interagency working between local authorities and health service providers, to increase energy efficiency in cold, damp homes. The project was carried out in cooperation with Projects in Partnership.
Working to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock will help to achieve both social and environmental objectives. Such practical action to improve health by increasing energy efficiency can be facilitated by a partnership approach between health professionals and housing professionals. This can help to reduce fuel poverty by making peoples homes more comfortable, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions, the primary cause of climate change.
The study investigated ten examples of partnerships between health and local authorities where the objective was to reduce ill health by improving residential energy efficiency. Each of the ten schemes varied in approach, but most involved the local authority and the health authority working in partnership. The project identified the barriers which must be overcome in order for such approaches to be successful, and suggested ways in which support is required at both at local and national levels.

Research reports

The report is in two parts. The first of these ‘Energy Efficiency and Health: Working in Partnership for Healthy Homes: Volume 1 describes the research and the conclusions drawn and presents summaries of all 10 case studies and reports from the 3 workshops. Volume 2 contains the detailed 10 case studies.

Click here to read a summary of the projects findings.
Two members of the Research Team carried out some follow up research for EST interviewing people involved in the case study schemes further to look at the setting up of referral networks.

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