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Eco Law

A Guide to Environmental Regulation for Housing Associations

(funded by the Housing Corporation)

EcoLaw summary flyerThis Guide was prepared to assist housing associations to meet their environmental obligations and to place environmental legislation in context. The main purpose was to develop awareness of the relationship of housing association activities with environmental law, in order to prevent pollution of the environment and to promote sustainability in practice. It does this by considering legislation relating to the environment in England & Wales, and assessing how likely it is that a association will be affected by that legislation and in what way.

It also outlines the wider framework of environmental policy and legislation in its international context so that associations are aware of the significance of developments in European Directives. It also identifies the key environmental requirements of the Housing Corporation’s Regulations & Standards.

Project outputs

•Summary flyer:

“Appreciate you words or actions may have legal implications even when you don’t realise it “


•EcoLaw: A Guide to Environmental Regulation for Housing Associations

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