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Routes to Sustainability

Routes to Sustainability – a helping hand in making your organisation more sustainable

(funded by the Housing Corporation and Practical Environment)

The Research Team developed a ‘toolbox’ guide that will help Housing Associations develop their own ‘Route to Sustainability’ using existing Innovation and Good Practice guides, tools and references

This work was designed to bring together the existing projects funded by Innovation and Good Practice (IGP) Grants into a comprehensive ‘map’. There is a plethora of guides, toolkits, reference documents and programmes for housing associations to use – all helping different audiences to direct their work towards sustainability. Knowing where to start and what to move on to when there is such a wide range of choices can be almost impossible.

The Routes to Sustainability project assessed all the relevant projects (guides and references etc.) currently available to Housing Associations. Each was grouped according to their audience and policy-driver focus to create an easy to use guide that can recommend projects and ways forward for a range of housing professionals.

Project outputs

Website (now only available via the web archive):


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