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Review of Energy Efficiency and Health Initiatives

Review of Energy Efficiency and Health Initiatives

(funded by the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes’ Health Sub-group)

This review detailed the results of a study into best practice amongst existing energy efficiency and health initiatives. From a broad ranging review of publicly available information, and with advice from the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes’ Health Sub-group, 29 practical schemes were identified which were likely to yield useful information for the project. These ranged from small scale local pilots to large schemes operating in several different areas of the UK. The vast majority were led by local authorities. Schemes were found in all four nations of the UK, the majority concentrated around conurbations.

A methodology for review of the schemes was developed, based on a working hypothesis of best practice. The methodology included detailed telephone interviews with scheme managers, referrers and key health sector workers. Although the response from the health sector was less comprehensive than from within the energy efficiency community, the number of health sector representatives who agreed to participate was sufficiently high to gain a good insight into the key success factors from the health point of view.

research report was published electronically, which was followed by a best practice website called Warmer Houses, Healthier Homes. The website is a best practice guide based on the research, and additionally includes a number of short scheme case studies.

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