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Employment Impacts of Energy Efficiency Programmes

National and Local Employment Impacts of Energy Efficiency Investment Programmes

(funded by the European Commission and the Energy Saving Trust)

Energy efficiency programmes often create jobs in priority sectors, locations or skill groups. This project, funded under the European Commission SAVE programme, summarises the national and local employment impacts of energy efficiency investment programmes. ACE coordinated the study, working with partner organisations from eight other European countries.

The study encompassed case studies, input-output modeling and general equilibrium simulation of the effects of policy programmes. The project aims to provide local, national and EU policy makers with an indication of employment effects by sector, by policy approach, and an estimate of overall employment impact for a range of investment policy scenarios. The employment impacts of 44 energy efficiency investment programmes were appraised through a series of case studies of national and local schemes.
The Energy Saving Trust funded a further report based on this study, on UK case studies and issues.

Project outputs

SAVE reports:
UK case studies:

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