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Local Authority Fuel Poverty Activities

A Review of English Local Authority Fuel Poverty Reports and Strategies

(funded by Eaga Charitable Trust)

The Research Team worked with Impetus Consulting on this project. The two teams reviewed and evaluated all Local Authority fuel poverty submissions (under their HECA obligations) along with any fuel poverty or affordable warmth strategies available at the time the research was undertaken. This review of activity on tackling fuel poverty was restricted to English Local Authorities. The issues addressed included:

  • The extent to which local authorities were engaging with the issues involved in tackling fuel poverty;
  • Whether there were areas in which good practice existed in isolated examples rather than generally (and hence there was a need for dissemination);
  • The extent to which ‘performance’ varied across local authorities (and thus the degree to which comparative feedback could be of assistance in encouraging more activity in this area); and
  • Whether ECAs were making significant progress to meeting local and national targets.

The Final Report on this review includes information on the evaluation methodology and results as well as 10 good practice case studies.

A self-assessment website enables practitioners in local authorities to compare their own progress with the ‘average’ level of affordable warmth activity in English local authorities. Links to appropriate case studies are provided, highlighting different approaches to tackle the problem of fuel poverty.


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