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Rising Fuel Prices

The challenge for affordable warmth in hard to heat homes

(funded by Eaga Charitable Trust)

Recent events have shown that we now live in an era of fluctuating fuel prices. These changes affect the cost-effectiveness of various measures currently being applied to eradicate fuel poverty, and also affect what is viewed as affordable measures for hard to heat homes.

This project aims to inform UK fuel poverty strategists and enable social housing providers to plan affordable warmth strategies in the context of increasing fuel prices. Specifically, the project equips housing providers and expert commentators with “Fuel Prophet”, a publicly available tool designed to indicate which treatments of hard to heat homes are both cost-effective and eliminate fuel poverty, taking into account various, fluctuating fuel price conditions.

Fuel Prophet

fuelprophetFuel Prophet is the tool developed for housing professionals and policy researchers choosing which energy saving refurbishment measures should be recommended and installed.

For a copy of the tool please contact us. Working at the level of a single dwelling, it models various measures and measure combinations under different fuel prices conditions. The overall aim is to optimise the balance between the cost of installing refurbishment measures and reducing fuel costs to the occupier thereby addressing fuel poverty. Fuel Prophet indicates how much a refurbishment can save, at what cost, and how these figures might change over the next 30 years.

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