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High-rise retrofit potential

Energy Efficiency in the Refurbishment of High-rise Residential Buildings

(funded by the International Energy Agency and EuroACE)

Some 36 million European households are in high-rise residences, one in six of all households, and yet many of the buildings are in urgent need of refurbishment. This study, which is one in a series being conducted on behalf of the International Energy Agency addressing the energy performance of the existing IEA-wide building stock, identifies a Europe-wide cost-effective energy saving potential of 28% from energy-efficient refurbishment of the high-rise residential building stock.

Attainment of this potential would imply a 1.5% reduction of Europe’s total final energy demand and annual CO2 emissions savings of 35 Mt. In practice only the less efficient buildings need to be refurbished to realise these stock-average savings and for these buildings typical savings in heating energy from refurbishment of between 70 and 80% are identified.

Go to http://www.euroace.org/Resources/Projects/HighRise.aspx for the full project website.

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