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Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill

The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill received Royal Assent on the 21 June 2006.

Read the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006

This Private Members’ Bill, introduced in June 2005, would require the Government to produce a fiscal and economic strategy to assist with microgeneration and energy efficiency in order to combat climate change and to alleviate fuel poverty. It would introduce both Great Britain wide and local targets for the take-up of microgeneration, and would set up a scheme which will require electricity suppliers to buy electricity produced by domestic customers by microgeneration. It will also include measures to make it easier for green energy certificates to be allocated to those producing energy by microgeneration, along with the introduction of a renewable heat obligation for suppliers of heating fuel. It is possible that HAs would become indirectly implicated in the delivery of as well as be affected by the Bill’s provisions.

Following the Second Reading, Mark Lazarowicz’s Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill entered the Committee stage on 25 January. Over three separate Committee sittings, all of the relevant clauses from the Alan Whitehead’s Management of Energy in Buildings Bill were incorporated, including clauses relating to Building Regulations compliance.

The Third Reading took place in May, after which it went to the House of Lords.

In the House of Lords, it went through the First and Second Readings and then the Committee. The Committee was held on the 14th June 2006. No amendments were set down and so the “order of commitment was discharged”.

The Bill passed the Third Reading on the 20 June 2006 and received Royal Assent on the 21 June 2006. It is now an Act of Parliament.

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