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Rising Fuel Prices

The Impact of Rising Fuel Prices in the Managed Housing Sector

(funded by the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes’ Managed Housing Strategy Group)

This project reviewed how rising fuel prices have caused an increase in fuel poverty amongst households in managed housing. It then assumed the future extent of this problem, and identified policy and practical approaches to tackling the problem. Two reports incorporating this guidance and information were produced that are targeted at housing managers and policy makers.

Main Aims:

  • Assess distribution and number of people in fuel poverty and living in managed housing now
  • Predict future trends in fuel prices and the impact this has on fuel poverty to 2010 and 2016 (2018 in Wales)
  • Identify the most effective practical housing improvements which can alleviate fuel poverty
  • Identify the policies needed and cost of meeting required rates of housing improvement, compared with current installation rates

Separate research reports were produced for England, Scotland and Wales. Two versions of guidance for housing managers were produced – for England/Wales and Scotland.

Research reports:

Short guidance – introduction to fuel poverty:

Full guidance – ‘Counting the Cost’:

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