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‘Refurbishing today’s homes for a low carbon future’

(supported by the Technology Strategy Board)

T-ZERO (‘Towards Zero Emissions Refurbishment Options’) is a project initiated by some of the UK’s leading energy conservation and housing charities, housing associations, architects and buildings performance specialists, together with English Heritage and the Housing Corporation. It is supported by the Technology Strategy Board (formerly DTI) and its brief is to develop novel ways to reduce environmental impacts from existing housing, working towards a future goal of a zero-carbon built environment.

Who Benefits?

In the main, T-ZERO is a free web-based tool, under development, that identifies optimal low carbon solutions tailored to specific UK house types. Define your home and T-ZERO (‘Towards Zero Emissions Refurbishment Options’) will establish its fuel bill and carbon footprint. Then identify optimal insulation, heating and renewable energy options, based on your budget, the availability of grants and finance, and site-related constraints. T-ZERO will put you in touch with the right suppliers and installers. Users can also upload their experiences of projects, products and services to create a directory of case studies of practical benefit to others.


The UK is committed to a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050; many scientists say we need to achieve 80% or more by then to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The Government recently announced the Code for Sustainable Homes – this will ensure that new homes in the near future are built to the highest possible standards.

But existing homes are already responsible for 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions and most of these homes will still be with us in 2050. Water resources are under pressure and we running out of landfill for our domestic and construction waste.

The environmental and financial costs of running our homes will only increase in the future unless homeowners, private and social landlords and the building industry do something about it. The good news is that our practical options are increasing and that projects like T-ZERO are here to help.

Get Involved

Householders, Housing managers, Building professionals

Visit our website and register for the latest version of the T-ZERO Webtool. Try it out on your home or homes you manage and give us your feedback on features and improvements you would like to see.

Coming soon: the chance to contribute to our practical directory of case studies and visit the T-ZERO Solutions Marketplace.

Suppliers, Installers and Utility Companies

Ensure that your products and services for sustainable housing refurbishment are part of the movement towards zero by registering with T-ZERO now. We are offering free Marketplace listings for early registrants and a range of innovative, targeted opportunities for providers of energy, material and water solutions to the public, building trades and housing sector clients.

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