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EAC Inquiry into greener homes for the future

In summary, this short memorandum by ACE for the Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry into greener homes for the future finds that:

  • Achieving the 2016 target for zero-carbon homes will require an urgent step-change in the number of low- and zero-carbon homes being built. Private developers should be required to match the Housing Association’s requirement of Code Level 3 immediately, and the stamp duty exemption should be extended to encourage early zero-carbon developments;
  • The energy efficiency standards proposed for the 2010 and 2013 Building Regulations targets are achievable and must be met without slippage if the 2016 target is to be met;
  • Government has a responsibility to tackle the widespread problem of non-compliance with the thermal standards in the Building Regulations;
  • Government should require a mandatory assessment (not merely a rating) against the Code for Sustainable Homes for all new marketed homes (this could also help to tackle the issue of non-compliance with the Building Regulations).

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