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2007 HECA returns published

The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) 1995 requires a 30 percent energy efficiency improvement in domestic housing stock over the 15 year period from 1996 to 2011 by Energy Conservation Authorities (ECAs) made up of district and unitary councils and London boroughs.

As supporters will know, HECA came into being in 1996 as a result of a Private Members Bill sponsored by Diana Maddock in the previous year.

ACE campaigned hard to win this programme of energy efficiency measures, and has kept a close eye on the progress of local councils under the scheme.

In order to be on track to achieve this target, each authority should have achieved a 22% improvement by end of March 2007. DEFRA has published the 2006/2007 Figures, which show how much progress each local authority has made since 1996 towards its overall 30% target.

Although the average HECA figures have risen from last year and there has been a slight improvement in the number of authorities meeting their target, the overall picture is still poor. Fewer than half of authorities (44.6%) are on track to meet their HECA targets and an increasing number are not submitting data. The National Average is 21.6%, up from 19.2% in the previous year.

51 authorities have not submitted data. Southend on Sea has never submitted any data and eight authorities (High Peak, Charnwood, Rutland, Westminster, Camden, Barnet, Sheffield and Adur) have all not submitted data for the last three years.

To check if your local authority is on target use the links below to see the HECA table for your region from 2001 to 2007. If it isn’t please write to the leader of your council asking for an explanation for this poor performance.

HECA data 2001
HECA data 2002 HECA data 2003
HECA data 2004 HECA data 2005HECA REPORT 2005 analysis HECA data 2006HECA REPORT 2006 analysis  HECA data 2007HECA REPORT 2007 analysis


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