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CYBER Display

Communicate Your Buildings Energy Rating

(funded by Intelligent Energy – Europe)

CYBER Display® is a continuation of the successful European Display® Campaign, which is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from 20 European towns and cities. It aims to encourage local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances.

The Research Team is involved in CYBER Display® on behalf of EuroACE, leading a work package focused on taking the Display® Campaign into the private sector. This will involve:

  • Creating a pilot group of private sector organisations to test the Display® poster in their administrative buildings, and assess how the Display® tools can be adapted to best meet the needs of the private sector.
  • Undertaking a wider-scale roll-out of the Campaign in the private sector, informed by the pilot group findings and a workshop.
  • Creating case studies on private sector members’ experiences with the Display® Campaign and communication tools, and identifying common threads between public and private sector experiences.

To start this process the Research Team is currently looking for private sector organisations that would like to be involved in CYBER Display® as part of the pilot group. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Benefits for pilot group members

Being part of the pilot group will allow organisations to have a real say in how the Campaign is developed and tailored so that it best meets the needs of the commercial sector. There are also several benefits to pilot group members from being involved in CYBER Display® including further raising the positive profile of their company, contributing to corporate social responsibility activities and helping to raise awareness of energy and water conservation amongst staff and consequently reducing energy and water bills.

CYBER Display project partners at the kick-off meeting (September 2008)

CYBER Display project partners at the kick-off meeting (September 2008)

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