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Fuel Poverty in London

Figures and tables illustrating the challenge of tackling fuel poverty

(commissioned by the Greater London Authority)

The challenge posed by fuel poverty in London is different in nature to other regions of the country. The Greater London Authority commissioned the ACE Research Team, Impetus Consulting, Richard Moore and the Centre for Sustainable Energy to understand and illustrate the nature of the problem in order to inform London’s new Housing, and Climate Change and Energy Strategies.

Using the Government’s definition of fuel poverty around 10 per cent of London’s households are classed as fuel poor. However, when higher housing costs are taken into account, this rises to 24 per cent of London’s households. If the additional income requirements that larger families need for them to enjoy the same quality of life as those single or in smaller families, 36 per cent of London’s householders are classed as experiencing fuel poverty, with the majority of the increase in households with children under the age of 16 years.

The report found that the most significant determinant is income, with Londoners in the lowest quintile of income over 117 times more likely to be fuel poor than households who are not. The next most significant determinants are the cost of energy and housing type. Although the energy efficiency of London’s homes is being improved, more activity is necessary to prevent Londoners from falling into fuel poverty.

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