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Mapping knowledge on low energy lamps and health

Mapping knowledge on low energy lamps and health

(A report for Megaman®)

This study reviews the current literature, and maps the existing knowledge and opinion on the links between three types of low energy lamps (CFLs, LEDs and metal halides) and health, in order to establish the level of current understanding.

The study was undertaken in the context of the early stages of the voluntary agreement between Government and major retailers to implement a stepped phase‐out of all incandescent lamps by not replenishing stocks. This voluntary agreement and the widespread provision of CFLs directly to households through the Supplier Obligation (EEC 1 and 2 and CERT) have placed considerable attention on CFLs, which, in the short term at the very least, will be the successors to incandescent lamps. The two other low energy lamps, metal halides and light emitting diodes (LEDs), have received far less academic and media attention, since, for the former, the lamps are unlikely to be used in a domestic setting thus reducing public concern, and the latter, because the technology at the time of writing was not yet widely commercially available at competitive prices.

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