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Energy metering: a consultation on smart metering for electricity and gas

ACE have submitted a written response to DECC’s consultation on smart metering for electricity and gas.

ACE response to the consultation:


ACE welcomes the Government’s decision to mandate electricity and gas smart meters for all households.

It is time for the age of estimated energy bills to be over. Cutting carbon emissions from homes is vital in the fight against climate change and ACE believes this can be done through providing real time accurate information on energy use to spur behavioural change.

In our response to Government’s Energy Billing and Metering consultation in August 2007 we welcomed the Government’s proposals, as set out in the Energy White Paper 2007, to roll out smart meters within the next 10 years. Two years later Government is still consulting on the detail: Government has now announced their decision to mandate… but when will this mandate be issued?

The Impact Assessment states that under Government’s preferred delivery model the preparation period would be 3 years and the period for meter installation would be 8.5 years. The longer the Government takes to issue a mandate the less time there will be to complete the roll-out by 2020. Government needs to act swiftly and issue a mandate so that industry is able to get started with the roll –out at the earliest opportunity. We sincerely hope that a final decision will be made in a timely manner and that there will not be yet another smart metering consultation landing on our desks.

Smart meters alone will not enable householders to manage energy more efficiently or reduce energy bills – only with increased awareness and education around energy billing and with the additions of real-time displays can they be effective.

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