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CLG Building Regulations Parts L and F

ACE have submitted a written response to the Communities and Local Government consultation on the Building Regulations Parts L and F

In Summary:

In the removal of the consequential improvements requirement (on under 1000m2) proposals, this consultation fails to meet reasonable expectations created via industry advisory group meetings and previous consultation documents issues by DECC, eg HESS issued February 2009.

Revisions to the EPBD have already included compulsory consequential improvements on areas under 1000m2. Paragraph 5.5 indicates that proposed changes to Part L would need to be consistent with revisions in this Directive. ACE therefore calls for an explanation from Government as to why consequential improvements on areas below 1000m2 has not been included in this consultation.

ACE welcomes the proposal for an independent national scheme to be introduced to ensure verification of overall compliance with Building Regulations, preferably by physical inspection of the existence of the relevant components in situ. We do not accept the prevarication of describing this as a “long-term” concept. It is needed now – as it has been for many years.

The propsals in the consultation document focus too much on the Industry’s responsibility to ensure compliance, and not enough on Government’s responsibility to regulate the industry and ensure that the law of the land is not brought into contempt. The low rates of compliance identified indicate that more purposeful measures are desperately needed.

ACE therefore calls for the creation of a central body responsible for ensuring that Building Regulations are fully complied with. This body should have an oversight role, identifying particular areas of non-compliance concern. It should also oversee a more robust system of building assessments that will act both as a deterrent to wilful non-compliance and as a data gathering body to improve the accuracy of specifications.

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