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DCLG consultation: Reform of council housing finance

ACE have submitted a written response to the Department of Communities and Local Government consultation: “Reform of council housing finance”

In Summary

In principle, ACE agrees with the proposed move to a devolved system of council housing finance. However, we are concerned that councils’ ability to deliver energy efficiency improvements post-2010 may be hindered if they are burdened with excessive debt. The current consultation contains the bold assertion that, “self-financing would require a one-off reallocation of housing debt in order to put all councils in a position where they could support their stock from their rental income in future.” However, we seek further clarification on this point, along with assurances that councils will have sufficient headroom in their business plans to enable them to deliver further energy efficiency improvements in their housing stock.

ACE is deeply concerned that Government is missing yet another opportunity in this consultation to commit to improving the energy efficiency of social housing in order to reduce fuel poverty and protect tenants from rising fuel prices. ACE calls for a post-2010 ‘Decent Homes Plus’ target that includes a much more ambitious thermal comfort criterion.

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