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Please help us lobby MPs to adopt two ACE Bills

On 26 November 20 MPs were successful in the Private Members’ Ballot. They will now have the chance to introduce a Bill of their own in Parliament.

ACE is trying to persuade them to adopt two Bills, which in their different ways have a key role to play in tackling climate change and fuel poverty. We would be grateful if you could help us lobby them!

The Energy Efficiency, Climate Change & Fuel Poverty Bill builds on ACE’s Fuel Poverty No. 2 Bill, promoted by Dr Alan Whitehead MP in the last Parliamentary session. It requires comprehensive packages of energy efficiency measures to be offered to fuel poor households. With official figures now showing a 49% increase in excess winter deaths since last year, there has never been a more urgent need to upgrade the energy performance of our worst housing stock.

The Sustainable Energy (Local Plans) Bill breaks new ground by giving local councils and citizens a co-operative role in drawing up and implementing local sustainable energy plans. These plans can contain measures that work locally, alongside requests for new powers and transfers of powers from national bodies to councils themselves.

Please take a few moments to email the successful MPs. Click “continue” to find out how to do it…

The 20 MPs listed below will be making up their minds in the next few days – so time is of the essence. Please take a few minutes to email them, urging them to take up one of our ACE Bills. The email doesn’t have to be long – what matters is that it gets sent soon!

Thank you very much for your help.

MP Name Party Email Phone020 7219….
Dr Brian Iddon LAB iddonb@parliament.uk 4064 / 2096
David Chaytor LAB chaytord@parliament.uk 6625
Andrew Gwynne LAB gwynnea@parliament.uk 4708
Albert Owen LAB owena@parliament.uk 8415
Julie Morgan LAB morganj@parliament.uk 6960
Anthony Steen CON steena@parliament.uk 5045
Alistair Burt CON burta@parliament.uk 8132
John Smith LAB smithj@parliament.uk 3589
Chris Grayling CON graylingc@parliament.uk 8194
Nigel Dodds OBE DUP doddsn@parliament.uk 8419
Dr Richard Taylor IND KHHC pricemah@parliament.uk 1967
Simon Hughes LD hughessh@parliament.uk 6567
Nigel Waterson CON watersonn@parliament.uk 2561
Douglas Carswell CON carswelld@parliament.uk 8397
Dr Bob Spink IND spinkr@parliament.uk 8468
Mark Oaten LD oatenm@parliament.uk 2703
David Cairns LAB cairnsd@parliament.uk 8242
Richard Shepherd CON shepherdr@parliament.uk 5004
David Heath CBE LD davidheath@davidheath.co.uk 6245
Mark Field CON fieldm@parliament.uk 8160

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