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Hard to treat homes

Review of the delivery tools used to improve hard to treat homes research for the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes.

The Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes comissioned ACE to undertake a review of the delivery tools used to improve hard to treat homes (HTTH). The aim of the research was to produce a raft of informed policy recommendations to promote a significant scale up of the improvement of HTTH and and inform the future activities of the Partnership’s HTTH sub-group.

The project involved an analysis of the measures that are needed to improve HTTH that are not at present being delivered at sufficient scale, the funding available now and in the near future and the delivery mechanisms, in the form of projects and programmes, that have been used to deliver HTT measures (see database below).

The research report outlines a detailed raft of recommendations arising from the research which centre around the need to mainstream the more expensive measures that are used to treat hard to treat homes. The report also reveals the need to place more emphasis on insulation measures and urgently address the current situation in which the fuel poor living in hard to treat homes are paying for energy efficiency schemes but are not benefitting from the most appropriate improvements to their homes.

Full research report

Database of local delivery projects

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