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Please lobby your MP to support local sustainable energy solutions

Please lobby your MP to support local sustainable energy solutions

ACE is trying to persuade MPs to sign an EDM (Early Day Motion) promoting wider community involvement in sustainable energy to help tackle climate change.

The “Sustainable Energy (Local Action) Bill” EDM was tabled in January by MP Alan Simpson, and has so far been signed by over 190 MPs. We hope that with your help we can get even more to sign.

The concept behind both the Bill and the EDM is simple: the need to involve people and communities and councils in combating climate change and fuel poverty. There is general acceptance now that Whitehall is not the only source of good ideas, and so this Bill would enable communities to be involved in drawing up and implementing local Sustainable Energy Plans for their region. These can then draw on local knowledge and expertise as to what works best in their area.

What can you do?
Please write to your MP and ask them to sign EDM 592 “Sustainable Energy (Local Action) Bill”. Stress how important this Bill is in the flight against climate change, and how individuals and communities must have the opportunity to decide what happens in their neighbourhoods.

The full text of the EDM and the list of MPs who have signed it can be found on Parliament’s website. If you are unsure who your MP is then you can use your postcode here to find out.


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