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Scottish Government consultation: Conserve and Save – The Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland

ACE have submitted a written response to the Scottish Government consultation: “Conserve and Save – The Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland “

In Summary

In general, we welcome the tone and some of the content of the consultation paper. It seems honest about the scale of the energy efficiency challenge facing Scotland and in some cases is helpful about the policies and programmes needed to meet that challenge. In particular, we would highlight the following welcome acknowledgements:

“The scale of the emission reductions needed means it is likely that almost all existing homes will require some energy efficiency improvements.” (p.60)

“There is a significant gap between current energy efficiency activity and what is needed in housing to contribute to 2020 climate change targets.” (p.69)


Achieving a 42% reduction in emissions in a little over 10 years will be a very significant challenge, and is one that all sectors of the economy must rise to. However, given the fact that energy efficiency in buildings is the cheapest, quickest and most effective means of delivering emission reductions, and given the political and practical difficulties in achieving emission reductions in some other sectors of the economy, we would urge the Scottish Government to consider going beyond 42% emissions reduction from buildings. Specifically, we would suggest that at least the ‘Highly Ambitious Share’ set out on page 35 should be the target – and the feasibility of going beyond that level of ambition should be investigated.

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