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DECC Consultation: Draft National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure

ACE have submitted a Click here to read our full response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change consultation: “Consultation on the Draft National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure”

In summary, ACE is concerned that the National Policy Statements do not sufficiently investigate the potential for reducing UK electricity demand. Government seems to view energy supply policy as entirely separate from energy demand policy, when any consideration of future supply requirements has to be founded upon a detailed assessment of energy demand. Fundamentally, Government has to be able to answer the question: How do the costs and benefits of investment in generation capacity compare to the costs and benefits of demand reduction? It appears to be a question that Government has ignored.

ACE believes that it is possible to radically reduce our electricity consumption, whilst allowing for the increasing penetration of heat pumps and electric vehicles.

Click here to read our full response


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