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MP Ballot results announced today

PLEASE lobby successful MPs to introduce a Bill giving local people real powers to tackle climate change.

Once again we’re hoping you’ll help us persuade an MP to adopt a Bill to tackle climate change. If you’re thinking the Ballot has come round sooner than usual, you’d be right! A brand new Parliament means a brand new Ballot – and 20 successful MPs now have a chance to introduce their own Bill in Parliament.

Many of you will have already heard from us about the Sustainable Energy (Local Action) Bill, which 195 MPs of all Parties supported in the last Parliament. Building on that momentum – and the new Coalition Government’s commitment to localism – we’re hoping one of today’s successful MPs will be keen to take the Bill forward with the aim of getting it enacted by the end of the 2010-11 Parliamentary session. But we really do need your help to make this happen.

Please do help us persuade one of today’s successful MPs to take up this ground-breaking Bill. Their names are printed below – and we urge you to write them a letter (or email) today.

  MP Name Constituency Party Email Phone 020 7219 …..
1 Mr John McDonnell* Hayes & Harlington Lab mcdonnellj@parliament.uk 1626, or 6908
2 Mr Robert Flello Stoke-on-Trent South Lab flellor@parliament.uk 6744, or 8142
3 Mr Chris White Warwick & Leamington Con chris.white.mp@parliament.uk 7201
4 Mrs Rebecca Harris Castle Point Con rebecca.harris.mp@parliament.uk 7206
5 Mr Greg Knight East Yorkshire Con Gregknight@aol.com 8417
6 Ms Anna Soubry Broxtowe Con anna.soubry.mp@parliament.uk 7211
7 Mrs Harriett Baldwin West Worcestershire Con harriett.baldwin.mp@parliament.uk 7187
8 Mr David Hamilton Midlothian Lab hamiltonda@parliament.uk 8257
9 Ms Joan Walley* Stoke-on-Trent North Lab walleyj@parliament.uk 4524
10 Mrs Sharon Hodgson Washington & Sunderland West Lab hodgsons@parliament.uk 5160
11 Mr Adrian Sanders* Torbay LD asanders@cix.co.uk 6304
12 Mr Andrew Bridgen North West Leicestershire Con andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk 7238
13 Mr Mark Lancaster Milton Keynes North Con lancasterm@parliament.uk 8414
14 Mr Jonathan Lord Woking Con Jonathan.lord.mp@parliament.uk 7913
15 Dr Therese Coffey Suffolk Coastal Con Therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk 7164
16 Mrs Lorely Burt* Solihull LD burtl@parliament.uk 8269
17 Mr Philip Hollobone Kettering Con hollobonep@parliament.uk 8373
18 Mr Nigel Adams Selby and Ainsty Con nigel.adams.mp@parliament.uk 7141
19 Sir Paul Beresford Mole Valley Con beresfordp@parliament.uk 5139
20 George Eustice Camborne and Redruth Con George.eustice.mp@parliament.uk 7032

The Bill puts local people and communities in the forefront of the fight against climate change. For the first time ever, they’ll get real powers to draw up plans for tackling global warming and promoting sustainable energy in their area. And they’ll be able to make sure their local council puts those plans into practice.

What do I say in the letter?

We suggest you start by congratulating them on their good luck at being drawn in the ballot, then go on to remind them that they have a unique opportunity now to make a meaningful change. Then tell them that if they chose to adopt the Sustainable Energy (Local Action) Bill they will be making serious progress in the fight against climate change. There’s no need to go into any detail about the Bill in your letter, as we’ll be briefing them separately about its contents.

If the MP in question is your MP then definitely say so and include your address in their constituency. If you are not sure who your MP is then you can find out here by using your postcode. If their name has been marked with an asterisk(*) then definitely remind them that they chose to support this very Bill last year by signing EDM 592.

If you can’t manage all 20 MPs, then it would be great if you could write to the top 7, as they have the best chance of their Bill becoming law. For the really keen among you, their telephone numbers are also listed. A phone call can be particularly useful, especially if the MP in question is your own constituency MP.

If we all work together we can make this Bill an Act of Parliament – and one to be proud of!


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