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EC Consultation: Towards a new Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020

ACE has submitted a written response to the European Commission consultation: “Towards a new Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020″

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1. The next decade is a pivotal time that should see accelerated change in the way Europeans source, save and use energy. A comprehensive and far-reaching energy policy strategy is necessary to support this change over the coming years. ACE welcomes the Commission’s intention to develop such a strategy over the coming months. However, ACE would like to underline that energy policy encompasses both supply and demand side considerations. A competitive and sustainable internal energy market cannot be achieved without greater energy efficiency gains on the ground. Indeed, such gains have contributed more to the EU’s energy requirements over the past thirty years than traditional fuel sources (Source Enerdata 2006). This trend must continue as Europe moves towards a decarbonised energy society.

2. It is widely acknowledged that energy efficiency gains offer an overall negative-cost solution to achieving Europe’s goals on energy security, carbon abatement and economic recovery. Investing in energy efficiency is a win-win solution, unlike investments in generating capacity, infrastructure or carbon capture and storage, which are a net cost drain. Prioritising the potential of permanent energy savings, especially in buildings which account for 40% of the EU’s primary energy use, is paramount to achieving Europe’s objectives on competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply in a time of economic cutbacks and severe budget constraints.

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