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DECC Consultation: Smart Metering Implementation Programme part II

ACE has submitted a written response to the second part of the Department for Energy and Climate Change consultation: “Smart Metering Implementation Programme”

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Response Summary:-

ACE welcomes the Government’s decision to bring forward the rollout of electricity and gas smart meters for all households. Cutting carbon emissions from homes is vital in the fight against climate change and ACE believes this can be done through providing real time accurate information on energy use to spur behavioural change.

However, the provision of smart meters needs to be part of a wider energy education programme. It is vital that the roll-out of smart meters, with the provision of real-time displays is coupled with a wider Government climate change awareness campaign which includes advice, information and financial incentives in improve energy efficiency. Provision of consumption data in itself will not necessarily lead to changes in behaviour. ACE is calling for each household to be provided with an accurate EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) alongside the smart meter and in-house displays (IHDs) – this would allow households to have a better understanding of the changes they could make to reduce their energy use.

While involvement of the community and local authorities has been touched upon in this consultation, ACE believes that a community approach would successfully engage larger numbers of households in the climate change agenda and so we welcome suggestions that there should be obligations on local coordination in the future.

We are disappointed that the Government has announced that there will be no obligation on energy suppliers to provide small businesses with smart meters and IHDs. Not only do the small businesses themselves stand to benefit from the installation of smart meters, but the carbon savings would be significant. We see no reason why the arrangements for provision of smart meters to domestic consumers couldn’t be extended to small non-domestic consumers.

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