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DECC Consultation: On amendments to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order

ACE has submitted a written response to DECC’s consultation on the Amendments to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order.

To read our full response please click here.

Response summary:

ACE accepts the majority of the proposals within the Consultation. As part of the simplification review, we suggest that Government look at the use of Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and the role that they can play in reporting energy use from buildings within the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC-EE).

The context for this suggestion is the concurrent request for views by DECC and CLG on the use of EPCs & DECs within the Green Deal – where the Departments state their desire to move on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) earlier than required where it helps Green Deal – and the recent report by HMG on Low Carbon Construction which recommends that “Government should bring forward the mandatory requirement for the posting of Display Energy Certificates in all non-domestic buildings as quickly as possible, and in advance of the July 2013 date required by the EPBD, with ratings and accompanying recommendations made widely available.”

A sensible simplification for organisations within the CRC-EE would be for DECs to represent their reporting requirements regarding emissions from their buildings.


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