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The Green Energy powerhouse of Europe: the role of demand reduction


ACE have published a policy briefing ahead of the Scottish Government debate on Scotland’s Place as the Green Energy Powerhouse of Europe in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 2 June 2011.

In Summary

  • Scotland’s 100% renewables target by 2020 is technically achievable without an improvement in demand reduction but:
  • Improved demand reduction will make the renewables target easier to achieve;
  • Improved demand reduction will require a lower surcharge on electricity bills, and will reduce domestic energy demand, thus reducing, instead of increasing, fuel poverty;
  • Improved demand reduction itself brings green collar jobs and economic benefits.

ACE is therefore calling on the Scottish Government to:

  • Undertake an urgent comparison of the costs, benefits and impact on fuel poverty of investment in energy saving versus new renewable generation capacity, and publish the results;
  • Confirm that electricity demand will be reduced by 12% by 2020 in line with its overall energy demand reduction target;
  • Commit to consult within the next 12 months on the introduction of minimum energy efficiency standards for existing housing at point of sale or rental in 2015.

Click here for the full briefing

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