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DECC Consultation: Hills Fuel Poverty Review

ACE has submitted a written response to DECC’s Hills Fuel Poverty Review.

To read the full consultation response click here.

A summary of our response is given below:

The overriding way in which the detriment caused by fuel poverty differs from that caused by poverty are the restrictions it places on our ability to achieve our climate change and energy policy goals. It follows therefore that any attempts to weaken fuel poverty targets or redefine fuel poverty will not just impact on those in fuel poverty – but on attempts to deal with climate change and control public spending.

The underlying causes of fuel poverty remain the same: those in fuel poverty do not have enough money to heat their homes appropriately because those homes are poorly insulated or have inefficient heating systems. Therefore, we do NOT address those ‘underlying causes’ by changing the definition or by weakening the targets.

Therefore, if this Review is concerned to secure resources to eliminate this problem (as was the will of Parliament) it must

  1. Announce it is going to return to the will of Parliament and for working purposes interpret the words ‘as far as is practicable’ to mean what everybody believed they meant; and
  2. Recommend to Ministers that this original and intended interpretation is enshrined in law, not only for the benefits that will bring to those in fuel poverty, to the environment and to the public purse as shown above, but also to ensure that the will of Parliament, when passing Acts, is supreme.

To read the full consultation response click here.

  • Appendix 1: Newsletter showing how MPs (the legislature) intended to create an unambiguous duty end fuel poverty by enacting the Warm Homes Act 200
  • Appendix 2: Appendix 2: Newsletter showing how Ministers (the executive) believed that the legislature, by enacting the Warm Homes Act 2000 had created an unambiguous duty to end fuel poverty

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