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Scaling the solid wall

A report for Consumer Focus investigating the issues and barriers around the delivery of solid wall insulation

The Government anticipates that ECO, working alongside the Green Deal Finance mechanism, will play an important role in transforming the emerging solid wall insulation industry – the next major challenge for improving our housing stock. It also anticipates that social housing will be at the vanguard of such a transformation. However, large scale installation of solid wall insulation carries many challenges. It is expensive, disruptive to consumers and entails major logistical effort. But it also has the potential to dramatically reduce the fuel costs of low-income consumers, many of whom live in solid wall housing, as well as improve health and well-being.

Consumer Focus therefore commissioned the Association for the Conservation of Energy to investigate the issues and barriers that will need addressing if the solid wall insulation industry is to take off. Is social housing able to carry out the role the Government expects of the sector? What support does it require? Can social housing stimulate wider delivery of solid wall insulation in surrounding private tenure areas?

This report presents the findings of research into the experience of delivering SWI to date, based on interviews with stakeholders and a review of SWI schemes and trials. It highlights a range of issues that will need addressing if SWI installation is to take off.

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