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Framing a sustainable transition to the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation

The ACE Research Team is today publishing its report on the implications of the transition from CERT to Green Deal and the new Energy Company Obligation after 2012 – to coincide with the deadline to the Government’s Green Deal consultation.

The ‘Dead CERT’ project’s focus is on the main contributors to the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target: cavity wall and loft insulation. Its aim is to understand the implications of the move from CERT to Green Deal and ECO for the markets for these measures, and to make recommendations to support a well-managed transition which ensures carbon budgets, fuel poverty targets, and the wider ambitions for the Green Deal can be met.

The report’s findings, summarised here, inform the relevant parts of ACE’s response to the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation consultation. Dead CERT concludes that current proposals for the Green Deal and ECO framework do not match the framework’s status as flagship Government policy, the aspiration for this Government to be the ‘greenest ever’, and the desire for the Green Deal to be ‘the biggest home energy improvement programme of modern times’. In fact, current proposals pose serious risks to Government objectives and the energy efficiency industry.

The full report demonstrates that an outcome which falls short of these aspirations is entirely unnecessary and easily avoided. For individual households, low cost insulation measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation can help make ambitious and capital intensive whole house packages meet the Golden Rule set for the Green Deal. In much the same way, fully tapping the considerable potential for these measures will enable the wider ambitions – for the Green Deal and ECO framework, carbon and fuel poverty targets, jobs and green economy objectives – to be met across the British housing stock without compromising the philosophy underpinning the Government’s proposals.

Please also note:

  • As of February 7, the full report includes appendices.
  • Channel 4 News ran an item on the transition to the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation on January 17. It features David Kennedy from the Committee on Climate Change. The CCC recently publicly expressed its concerns about current proposals to DECC. Dead CERT’s findings fully concur with the CCC.
  • A report by Europe Economics, commissioned by Knauf Insulation, sheds valuable additional and complementary light on the implications (particularly relating to employment) of the transition.

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