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Government slashes fuel poverty spending

Government has released its fuel poverty figures for 2010 today. The figures show the numbers of households suffering from fuel poverty fell by 0.4m in the year of highest expenditure on energy efficiency.

The official projections for this year see levels rise again to 3.9m households which is close to the 13 year high of 4m households in 2009.

In a statement released alongside the figures, DECC acknowledges that higher incomes and greater improvements in energy efficiency in the housing stock are the cause of the fall in fuel poverty in 2010.

In 2009/10 investment in energy efficiency targeted at fuel poor households was at a recent high of over £1.1bn. However, a briefing released by ACE today shows that investment in energy efficiency, has suffered cuts of 17-18% for two years and will have been slashed by over 50% of the 2009/10 levels next year.

Total expenditure taregted on alleviating fuel poverty has been cut by almost 30% in 3 years.

Clearly investment in energy efficiency of the housing stock is effective at addressing fuel poverty. That is why ACE has joined with 80 other organisations in calling for the Government to support the Energy Bill Revolution, a campaign asking for carbon tax revenues to be used to make our homes highly energy efficient, prioritising those of the fuel poor.

Please join the Energy Bill Revolution by signing the petition.

Download the ACE Briefing on National fuel poverty budgets

See the ACE Press release- Fuel poverty spending levels plummet

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