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Hills Fuel Poverty Review

Reacting to today’s final report of Professor John Hills’s Fuel Poverty Review, the Association for the Conservation of Energy welcomes his clear conclusion that current Government policies fall far short of what’s needed to meet their legal duty to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016. ACE also welcomes Hills’s emphasis on energy efficiency as the most effective way of reducing fuel poverty.

However, the Association deplores the Government’s reaction to the Review – a promise merely to adopt a new approach to measuring fuel poverty by the end of 2012. What is needed well before then are clear policy proposals to put the Government back on course to fulfil their legal duty.

Commenting on the report, Head of Parliamentary Team Jenny Holland said:

“Professor Hills has shone an unflattering spotlight on Government efforts to tackle fuel poverty, making clear that much more needs to be done – and urgently – if the 2016 target is to be met. Hills shows that current policies will reduce the number of fuel poor households by a mere 150,000 by 2016. This is a drop in the ocean compared with the nearly 3 million households that even he concedes will still be in fuel poverty. In light of this clear and pressing need to do more, today’s Government reaction to the report beggars belief. We don’t need them to spend nine months deciding on a new definition – instead they should spend that time agreeing a watertight plan to ensure that their statutory commitment to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016 is met in full. Without that, millions of fuel poor households will feel, quite rightly, that the Government has simply abandoned them.”


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