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Ofgem consultation on Energy Affordability: helping develop Ofgem’s Vulnerable Customers’ Strategy

ACE has submitted a written response to Ofgem’s consultation on its Vulnerable Customers’ Strategy.

ACE supports the four themes of Ofgem’s strategy but points out that little emphasis has been placed on the coverage, by these themes, of environmental obligations. At least £540 million of the Energy Company Obligation’s notional annual budget will be spent supporting vulnerable households with energy efficiency measures. ‘Monitoring and enforcement’, ‘encouraging best practice and research’, ‘knowledge and influence’ and ‘information for consumers’ based on all the activities under the ECO must form a central plank of Ofgem’s new strategy – especially in the absence of (in England) any continued public expenditure on energy efficiency for vulnerable households after March 2013.

Find ACE’s consultation response here.

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