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Electricity Market Reform and the demand side

newlogo (eggtimer only, small)The draft Energy Bill published by the Government this year sets out the agenda for Electricity Market Reform so far. The aim of reform is to incentivise investment in an electricity system that is sustainable, secure and affordable. This briefing concisely explains:


  • The Electricity Market Reform package’s proposals and rationale;
  • The crucial role the demand side can play in meeting its aim at least cost;
  • The rapidly evolving thinking about the policy mechanisms that can ‘level the playing field’ and allow the demand side to reach its full potential within Reform package
  • And thus why it is ACE and other NGOs are working hard with the Government to ensure the Energy Bill enables this (which it does not currently do)

A huge thank you goes to Tom Watson, intern at ACE in September/October this year, for preparing a briefing which translates a very complex and important subject into plain English.

Download the briefing: Electricity Market Reform and the Demand Side

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