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Judicial review of Eric Pickles to go ahead

Having taken advice from Learned Counsel and our legal advisors, I can confirm that the Association for the Conservation of Energy will be proceeding with the judicial review process against Eric Pickles, regarding his complete volte face on implementing the “consequential improvements” section of his Part L building regulations consultation.

We intend to serve our formal documents in the High Court this Friday. On Learned Counsel’s advice we shall not be releasing the response received, late last week from Eric Pickles to our initial letter. We do intend though in our own document to point out the various admissions of errors which Mr Pickles has made already regarding his initial December 13 statement.

We want to see a speedy resolution of this matter, so that we can begin to see some of the benefits which Mr Pickles identified last year would accrue from implementing his original “consequential improvements” strategy, of £11 bn savings to the economy, 130 million lifetime tonnes of carbon dioxide, and 2.2 million more households benefiting from the Green Deal.

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    Dr Steve Harangozo


    I do strongly support this action. We need strong positive leadership on the energy demand side if we are ever to acheive the carbon saving targets government says it really wants. Government seems happy to create a policy vacuum in this area. I would like DCLG functions relating to energy efficiency transferred to DECC so that we can get real joined up thinking on energy policy in order to stop the current inertia and drift.


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