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solent green deal

Solent Green Deal Wizard

A group of local authorities in Hampshire commissioned us to produce a “Green Deal Wizard” to encourage residents to take advantage of their new Green Deal services, this tool includes information about paying for energy efficiency improvements through the Green Deal and other finance mechanisms.

solent green deal

Hampshire has some of the least efficient buildings in the country, many of which are poorly insulated, have outdated heating systems, and are expensive to keep warm.  Residents can use the Green Deal Wizard to find out how efficient their home is and how much it costs them to heat.

They can create a package of measures to make their home warmer and more efficient and save  money. Then they can explore the various financial options available to help manage the cost of improvements.

See the advice tool at:  www.solentgreendeal.org.uk

The Client’s experience

Solent Green Deal was created in response to the DECC Pioneer Places Fund. One of our key partners was BioRegional. They recommended that we use an interactive tool similar to that of the Energy Savings Trust and pointed us towards ACE.
The tool needed to be user friendly but comprehensive to make it viable for all members of the general public. Expected users ranged from vulnerable and low-income families to experienced DIYers and those with knowledge and experience of building methods including renewables. The tool needed to accurately represent the RdSAP assessment process as it would be used as a pre-qualifier for Green Deal Assessments. In addition we requested some information on funding measures.

We were able to mould the final product extensively around the core tool. This included the user interface, reports and additional features that were requested. The tool is now embedded in our website and is used to provide further information to users, as a pre-Green Deal qualifier and to gather client details.

A key benefit is that we are able to direct clients to use the tool to ensure that improvements will be recommended from a Green Deal Assessment. This avoids wasted visits and gives the user a good idea of what we are looking for at their property. In addition the tool provides a very professional resource that improves our organisation’s credibility.

Gillian Flaherty, Green Deal Project Manager, Portsmouth City Council

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    graham farrall


    As Green Deal and ECO have almost died a death , what is happening to all those people who need to reduce their energy bills etc ?

    We have the solutions we just need active partners , who can make decisions , especially suitable for HTT properties


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