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Ofgem: consultation on requirements for hard-to-treat cavities under the ECO

In late August 2013 Ofgem published a consultation seeking views on its proposed requirements under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) for demonstrating the characteristics of a hard-to-treat cavity (HTTC) wall to which insulation has been installed.

The consultation put forward proposals to address concerns that a significant number of HTTC measures installed under ECO may have been installed to cavity walls that do not meet the statutory definition of ‘hard to treat cavity’. ACE’s and others’ views, put to Ofgem, is that its proposals are very poorly thought through.

Ofgem says they received a high number of responses to the consultation, many of which (including ACE’s) suggest changes to the proposals. In order to properly review all of the responses and consider modifications to our consulted position, Ofgem no longer intend to publish the outcome of the consultation by 1 October 2013 or to implement any new requirements relating to HTTCs from 1 October 2013.

Ofgem will confirm the ‘date of effect’ for any new requirements relating to HTTCs in its response to the consultation and additional guidance on HTTCs. These documents will be published at least one month before the new requirements come into effect. The date of effect for any new requirements will be no earlier than 1 December 2013.

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